inkheads batch 3

2nd batch of inkheads~
thank you for all the new follows and asks! will reply to them soon. :)

Some quick ink commissions I did for some cool peeps. <_>

I’m selling detailed CG waists (stops at bellybutton) for $50usd!
I know it’s pricey but I really have to earn money for personal issues and feeding myself OTL, any pimping/reblogging you can do will save my life heh~! ❤
MOST SAMPLES ARE BUSTS, don’t worry YOURS will be a waist! 

You will receive the high-resolution 300dpi .PSD file through e-mail as well. ;)
I will draw ANYTHING (except women folk.)That includes fanart, anthro, monsters, mecha, diff body types etc. 
18+ and fetish art is accepted as well, but will cost extra.

EMAIL ME AT OR fanmail me your info!
Paypal is the same address. 
Thank you all so much in