Hey thank you so much! :”) I’m psyched to know that.
BUT GOD NO I’ve done most of my learning in the past few years (especially when it comes to painting) and still have a long way to go!

I’ve shared some old unfinished designs from 2011 for you above. Be gentle…! 

AND have an old improvement meme I did last year as well for more. Thanks again and excuse me while I go hide in embarrassment now HAH!

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Anonymous said: Hey, do you mind if I ask what you use to colour? I absolutely love the look of the brush you use, but try as I might I just can't replicate it, thanks :3

I use Paint Tool SAI and you can find my brushes and a few lazy mini examples of my technique right here! Have fun and thanks! :)

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Anonymous said: hi skoptsy, I hope this hasn't been asked yet~ o: who are your inspirations/favorite artists?

I slapped together an inspiration meme just for the occasion;

PLUS SO MANY MORE HERE ON TUMBLR! I plan to make a master list of everyone that’s super inspiring to me ‘round these parts but I can’t find the time lately. :( So these are just a handful of my absolute favourites that blow me away every-time. (Truth be told music inspires me more than anything these days though…) Thanks for asking & enjoy!

  1. hookwoojin 
  2. Alessandro Taini 
  3. Viktor Antonov 
  4. Pigeon666 
  5. YiLee 
  6. epsee 
  7. bumhand 
  8. Yonekura Kengo NSFW
  9. Rockstar Art Team 
  10. lulek 
  11. elna 
  12. Klar 
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