More PHENOMENAL pieces that I’ve accumulated in the last while!
I feel so incredibly lucky. It’s so fucking great seeing my characters in so many unique and beautiful styles. :”) I’m forever thankful! 

Please follow/support these talented & fabulous people~
(Some of them are even open for very affordable commissions, go go go!)

from left to right 
kisskicker - halfnakedbanana - alicestrangelyportfolio 
theartofwazzing - bryborg - orsob 

Excuse me while lay down and cry over these Targ gifts I’ve gotten in the past week! This talented bunch already knows how much I adore these but let me say it again: I FUCKING LOVE THEM.

Check out the artists!
from left to right:
halehollowell - ich-liebe-dicks - ladynips - bryborg - morgan-drug

the cute little chibi is by abakkusdraws, and an awesome commission from the ever so lovely yougotvexed. (you should follow them both!)

Old art from last year I will never finish…
lying on ground edition! o-|—-<


Barkbark old art.
Couldn’t decide which so take both!

Deleted this by accident like a tool…..<__>

Targ flashin&#8217; a titty.

Targ flashin’ a titty.