Thank you all very much mysterious anons~
I use SAI for all of my art and the default pen brush for my inked works. Set at min size of 0%! Also, having your stabilizer high helps the lines come out smoother.   

I don’t think a tutorial would be necessary because it’s very simple to do; draw big (my inked headshots were 1500x1500 at 300dpi for example) and use minimal strokes and lots of undo’s. :3 

Here is a screenshot showing my pen brush setting, overall setup and an inked WIP! Enjoy and thanks again. 

To the last anon:  Thank you! But I don’t livestream a lot because I don’t draw for long periods of time. (I have bad anxiety and get very restless!) I do post a link here on tumblr the rare times I do LS though.  

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