First off, thank you for liking my artwork! *U*
Secondly…I colour fabric and skin rather similarly…which I’m actually trying/hoping to change because I too often neglect paying attention to different textures and such blahblah. 

Anyway I don’t have many tips, or at-least, know how to explain them…So I included a step-by-step that might give some insight on how I do things.
The blue image shows how I keep shading as a pattern? Whenever there is a protruding mound (nomatter how small or big ;D keke) of skin or fabric I shade from a constant light-dark-light-dark. I don’t necessarily think this is ever accurate, but I do like how it looks by the end. :’) Keep in mind protruding bits should be lighter and the indented bits should be more dark, it adds depth!
Have fun, and thanks again!

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